leamington spa tiling


We are happy to take on any tiling job from re-fixing several loose tiles up to tiling a bathroom. For anything more than 10 tiles, we would normally need to come around to give you a quote before starting work as it is difficult to estimate accurately over the telephone. This is particularly the case for floor tiling as a lot depends on what the tiles need to go under or around (e.g. kitchen units, toilets etc.) and how easy they are to remove (e.g. do we need to remove kitchen base units to remove the floor tiles?)

We only advocate Best Practice tile fixing to BS Standards, including:

  • Careful setting out procedures
  • Symmetrical cuts around focal points such as windows
  • Minimised & strategically placed small cuts
  • Ply lining wooden floor boards
  • Using APD Acrylic Primer rather than PVA bonding agents (which break down with moisture)
  • We actively encourage the use of Tanking Systems in all intermittently wet and submersed areas - including domestic showers.

Tanking systems provide a waterproof membrane, effectively preventing water from penetrating the substrate and causing tile failure - be it in 6 months or 10 years.

Handy hint

Removing existing tiles is not a particularly skilled job so if you wish to save yourself money, you can tackle this yourself. Just take care you don't put your wrecking bar through a water pipe or electrical cable. Sadly, in most cases it is not possible to remove a tile without breaking it, due to the strength of the adhesive.

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